20130103-SCRD_130103_00012-EditWelcome to my portfolio site.

I am a person of many interests and passions a few of which are: husband ~ dad to 3 ~ rugby ~ photography ~ martial arts (Tang Soo Do practitioner) ~ friend ~ techy.

The pictures on this site are just some of the images that I have enjoyed taking or have been received well by fellow photogs on sites like Google+ – should you wish to see more then please do look me up there. I am in no way an expert and would still term myself as a lucky amateur. Amateur in that I don’t earn a living from my photography and nor do I intend to. Lucky because of all the wonderful folks on Google+ that are willing to share their time, ideas and thoughts with me. And also lucky because sometimes I get great shots without really knowing why.

This is my journey to help me better understand and document my own hobby – join me?

I also add my images to my Facebook Photo page – you can find it at: https://www.facebook.com/StuartsPics